Binho RibeiroBrazilian Street Artist

Binho Ribeiro (aka Fabio Luiz Santos Ribeiro) is a Brazilian street artist who lives in Sao Paolo

Technique: His style incorporates some classic and traditional graffiti. Sometimes it represents the artist in parallel with animals or the surrealist universe. In his painting people exist in the world of dreams, colors and movements.

Exposure: He is one of the pioneers of street art in Brasil and Latin America since 1984. The artist always conquer respect everywhere that he goes: Santiago, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Turin, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Beijing, Amsterdam, Bruxels, Accra, Beirut and almost all the Brazilian states have seen a piece of his talent.

BUY ART, SAVE CHILDREN: Interested in a particular original painting below or a special order? Drop us a line at sam@streetartmankind.org and we will contact you. Street Art for Mankind is a non-profit public charity and your purchase will help the fight against child slavery.

Photos SAM Miami festival by Loic Ercolessi. Photo SAM UN Exhibition by PhotoNoggin. Other photos @Binho.

  • Alejandra - Spray paint on canvas - 8'x10' - FOR SALE
    SAM UN Exhibition, NYC 2017
  • Playful - Spray paint - 37.6'x 7.17' - FOR SALE
    SAM Miami Festival 2017
  • Playful (detail) - Spray paint
    SAM Miami Festival 2017
  • The owl - Spray paint on canvas - 83''x86'' - SOLD
    SAM Miami Festival 2017
  • The right to play - Spray paint on canvas - 83''x86'' - FOR SALE
    SAM Miami Festival 2017
  • Wings of hope (photo booth) - Spray paint on canvas - 18'x 7.17'
    SAM Miami Festival 2017
  • Wings of hope (photo booth)
    SAM Miami Festival 2017
  • Paris Graffiti Tour
  • Japan Graffiti Tour
  • Los Angeles
  • Sao Paulo
  • Quito
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