Clandestinosartistics duo, Shalack Attack + Bruno Smoky

Clandestinos is an artistic husband and wife duo, Shalak Attack (Elisa Monreal – Canadian-Chilean) and Bruno Smoky (Bruno Revitte – Brazilian), currently based in Toronto, Canada.

Technique: Their work is influenced by their Latin American heritage, as well as current events such as environmental issues. Their “Animal Spirits” and vibrant human portraits create visual narratives that strive to honour the sacred power of Nature.

Exposure: Shalak and Smoky love to bring art and culture to otherwise forgotten and precarious neighborhoods around the world. They also participate in numerous artistic projects and exhibitions in Canada, USA, Chile, Brazil, Senegal, Israel, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Dominican Republic…

  • Free Lolita - Mural MIAMI
  • Diamonds of Extinction - Toronto
  • Godimen - Sao Paulo, Brazil
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