HyuroArgentinian-Spanish Street Artist

Hyuro (aka Tamara Djurovic) was born in Argentina and now lives in Valencia, Spain.

Technique: She blends politics and a surrealist sensibility in her mysterious black-and-white murals, paintings, and drawings. In dreamlike compositions, play out scenes that suggest a message but leave most interpretation up to the viewer.

Exposure: She started painting on canvases in Argentina, and after meeting with Escif, she “converted” to street art. She exhibits in France, Italy, Austria and takes part in prestigious festivals across the world including the Nuart festival (Norway) or the Renexera Fest in Galicia (Spain).

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Photos SAM Miami festival by Loic Ercolessi. Other photos @Hyuro

  • 2016 Murals

    Moteleone di Puglia, Italy – Willoke Festival
    Urban landscape contemplation
    A la fresca, Fanzara, Spain
    Toxic Relationship
    Morriña¨ Paço Cultura, Carballo, Spain
    Self Management, Rome, Italy
    Coexistence – Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome, Italy
    War Impact in children’s lives, Manchester, England
    Coexistence, Trollhatan, Sweden
    Contradiction, Madrid, Spain

  • 2015 Murals

    Temporal coexistence
    Delineation of public space
    Abortion, Fortaleza, Brazil
    Contradiction, Bonn, Germany
    Tribute to the Mirabal sisters, Ravenna, Italy
    It is Forbidden to forbid, Niort, France
    Reciprocity, Madrid, Spain
    La Manzana Perdida (des-urbanization project), Valencia, Spain
    DOTS Festival, Poggibonsi, Italy
    Contemplando el vacío – Poliniza Festival, Valencia, Spain
    Unoccupied, Dunedin, New Zealand
    Including the excluded, Porto, Portugal

  • 2014 Murals

    “24 Fragments of a Work Day” – Metro de Madrid, Spain
    Empty Walls Festival, Cardiff, Walles
    Navajo Morning Prayer – the painted desert project, Arizona, USA
    Callegenera Festival, Monterrey, México
    Artmosphere Moscow Biennale, Russia
    Desvelarte Festival, Santander, Spain
    Riciclo di Emozion, Bologna, Italy
    Djerbahood project, Djerba, Tunisa
    Memorie Urbane Festival, Gaeta, Italy
    Public Festival, Perth, Autralia
    Oltre il muro Festival, Sapri, Italy
    With Vinz, Valencia, Spain

  • 2013 Murals

    The Weight of things, Valencia, Spain
    Day of Elimination of Violence Against Woman, Formia & Terracina, Italy
    Art festival of Perpignan, France
    Arles, France
    Inoperable Gallery, Vienna, Austria
    Tribute to th housewives, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    In-between, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Memorie Urbane Festival, Gaeta Italy
    With Escif, Valencia, Spain
    Numerous murals in Valencia, Spain

  • 2012 Murals

    Living Walls Festival – Atlanta, USA
    Bien urbain Festival, Besançon, France
    Katwice street Art Festival, Poland
    “Captalism?”, Bergen, Norway
    Arbol de la vida, Teplito, Mexico
    Murals in Valencia & Cartagena

  • 2011 Murals

    With ESCIF, Stavanger, Norway
    Murals in Zuich – Switzerland, Murcia – Spain, Besancon – France, San Pedro – Argentina, Valencia – Spain…

  • A Child - Spray paint - 18'x 7.17' - FOR SALE
    SAM Miami Festival 2017
  • A Child (detail) - Spray paint
    SAM Miami Festival 2017
  • L'attesa
  • In between
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