Yuhmi an artistic duo with Victor & Michelle Vazquez

Yuhmi, a husband and wife art duo, met on the island of Miami Beach, Florida. Michelle is a Cuban-Colombian Miami native and Victor is from Mexico. Together they paint animated portraits of paradise dreams, air, land and sea.

Influenced by the history of popular culture, together they set sail on a journey to East Asia and back, forever fueling and inspiring their work.

What started as a collective in the summer of 2009, over the years evolved into a collaborative unified vision. Exploring subjects of human ecology through murals, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography and stop-motion animations.

Their work, is a fusion of cultures with a juxtaposed appetite for mixing traditional and contemporary influences. “A Floating World” captured in an abstracted time.

BUY ART, SAVE CHILDREN: Discover Yuhmi’s paintings available for sale. Proceeds support the fight against child trafficking.

Photos SAM Miami festival and Sagamore hotel by Loic Ercolessi. Photo SAM UN Exhibition by PhotoNoggin.

  • SAM UN Exhibition, NYC 2017
  • SAM UN Exhibition, NYC 2017
  • Wonders of the world - Spray paint - 37.6'x 7.17' - FOR SALE
    SAM Miami Festival 2017
  • Wonders of the world (detail)
    SAM Miami Festival 2017
  • Beauty - Spray paint on canvas - 83''x86'' - FOR SALE
    SAM Miami Festival 2017
  • Afloat the lily cloud - Spray paint on canvas - 8'x10'- FOR SALE
    SAM at the Sagamore, Art Basel Miami 2016
  • Koi - Spray Paint & Acrylics on canvas - 30” x 48”
    SAM at the Sagamore, Art Basel Miami 2016
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