Yuhmi an artistic duo with Victor & Michelle Vazquez

Yuhmi (Victor & Michelle Vazquez) is a duo based in Miami Beach, Florida. Victor is from Mexico and Michelle is a Cuban-Colombian Miami native.

Technique: Inspired by East Asian culture, they explore subjects of human ecology through very recognizable “super human hybrid creatures” blurring the line between imagination and reality.

Exposure: Their work has been part of the Sagamore Hotel’s mural project, AIGA’s fashion show, and an MTV LATAM traveling tour (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico). As Yuhmi they have been painting paradise dreams, creating murals and exhibiting in Wynwood, Miami Beach, D.C., San Francisco, NYC, Barcelona, Montreal…

  • 2016

    Cherry Blast, Washington D.C. USA
    Destroy & Create, Brooklyn & Washington D.C. USA
    String Theory – Doors of Perception, Miami, USA
    Wynwood Life Festival, Miami, USA

  • 2015

    L’Union Fait La Force – Little Haiti Mural Project, Miami, USA
    Power – Art in the Gardens Mural Project, Miami, USA
    Art On Deck – The Kennedy Center, Washington D.C. USA
    Leaps & Bounds – Yo Space Gallery, Miami, USA
    Art of Shack – Reed Space, New York, USA
    Art On Guard – Woot Bear Gallery, San Francisco, USA
    20 / 20 – Mindzai, Toronto, Canada
    Who’s Fooling Who? – Pembroke Pines, USA
    Beck’s Urban Canvas – Wynwood Art Week, Miami, USA
    Wynwood Life Festival, Miami, USA

  • 2014

    Mother Earth & Her Taste Buds – Home Grown Mural Project – Miami, USA
    Khalessi Koi Mermaid – Wall 2 Wall Women Mural Project, Miami, USA
    20 / 20 – City Styles, Montreal, Canada
    Leaps & Bounds, Miami, USA
    Analog Art 2 – Yo Space Gallery, Miami, USA
    Wall 2 Wall Women – Harris Art Gallery, Miami, USA
    The Gallery – LMNT Gallery, Miami, USA
    Art On Deck – WYN317 Gallery, Miami, USA
    Sea Fair – Blink Group Gallery, Miami, USA
    GIRLS RUN THIS MOTHA!#% – WYN317 Gallery, Miami, USA
    South of the Walls – Art Basel Miami, Miami, USA
    Bids for Kids Auction, Miami, USA
    Ciel Bau, Miami, USA
    FAAM Street Art Auction, Miami, USA
    The Tree House, Miami Beach, USA

  • 2013

    Small Stuff7 – Bear & Bird Gallery, Lauderhill, USA
    Probable Cause – WYN317 Gallery, Miami, USA
    Mysteries of the Unexplained – Bear & Bird Gallery, Lauderhill, USA
    Can We Please Change Gears? – Viophilia Gallery, Miami, USA

  • 2012

    20 Something – Once Gallery, Miami, USA

  • 2008

    Collective Memory – The Stairwell Project, Mural Installation for The Sagamore Hotel, Miami Beach, USA
    Visual Language -New World School of the Arts College Gallery, Miami, USA
    Mu-Dai – Freedom Tower Gallery, Miami, USA
    Versus – Gallery 138 / Miami, USA
    MTV Teen Age Clicks – Richard Shack Gallery, Miami Beach, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina

  • Spirit of the rising Sakura
  • Power
  • Mother Earth - TIme Travel
  • Mila the Nonapus
  • Alis Volat
  • Power - Art in the Garden
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