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Street Dance Master Class with Stephon Gibson

After the Tout-Monde Trio Urban Performance, join a UNIQUE street dance class with Stephon Gibson. TICKETS HERE.  

Stephon Gibson is a talented Miami-based emerging Street Dancer. He glides on the floor effortlessly while moving his body in a subtle fluidity.  Stephon will open his technic to you and teach you his steps. He will share with you the tools so you can reproduce some of his moves at home … and become the king/queen of the dance floor! 

“It is a huge honor for me to participate to the Tout-Monde Urban Performance with such prominent Caribbean street artists like Ronald Cyrille and Black Kalagan. This show is absolutely unique and being part of it, interacting live with huge artists, and putting on stage the world of Edouard Glissant will be a very powerful experience. A special thank you to Street Art for Mankind who works so hard to fight for children freedom and to the French Embassy and France Florida for giving me this opportunity to be an actor of change.” Stephon Gibson

Show curated by Street Art for Mankind and part of the Tout-Monde Teens program of the Tout-Monde festival, first Caribbean Contemporary Arts festival, launched by Cultural Services of the French Embassy in close partnership with the France Florida Foundation for the Arts on March 1- 4, 2018.

Pictures credit: Loic Ercolessi

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