The Contest

School Art for Mankind is a shoebox Art Contest where Miami children deliver a powerful message of freedom to the world. They unite to raise awareness on a critical and paradoxical issue of our modern world: Child Labor.

In groups of 4 to 8 children from 4th to 8th grades, students will create huge “Masterpieces”, assemblies of 8 to 16 shoeboxes, to inspire the world to become more child-friendly.

This contest is organized by a Miami-based non-profit organization called Street Art for Mankind (SAM), on a mission to stop child labor and slavery through Art. While famous international Street Artists of SAM will work on 16 containers to create a huge masterpiece using the Art technique of the “exquisite corpse”, Miami school artists will create their own pieces on shoeboxes.

With this contest, support #ValuesMatterMiami, promote creativity & teamwork amongst students and meet an inspirational and respected Nobel Peace Price Winner, Kailash Satyarthi, who has been fighting and advocating for children’s rights for more than 30 years.

Submission Forms & Presentations for children

Project Presentation Form – Template of a presentation form students can use to present their project


Team Registration Form – Form to present all student members of the team


Student Individual Registration Form – Form to be filed in by each student member of the team


Check List – List of elements to include in your submission package


Child Labor – Brief explanation for children

The awards

All participating schools will receive:

(1) Invitation for each principal and teacher to attend the SAM exhibition opening ceremony (on invite only)
(1) Certificate of participation and (1) Exclusive SAM artist screensaver for each children who participated, handed by a SAM team member at your school (dates subject to availability)
Visibility for all projects and schools that will be presented online at

The three winning teams will receive:

(1) Invitation for two for each Principal and for each teacher of the winning team, to attend the SAM exhibition opening ceremony
(1) School Trophy handed on stage by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Kailash Satyarthi and Superintendent Alberto Carvalho
(1) Invitation for two for each Child to join the SAM exhibition opening ceremony with a parent
(1) Diploma and (1) medal handed on stage directly by Kailash Satyarthi, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho and the SAM team.
The winning team will also get the visit of the Nobel Peace Prize Winner at their school
Additional surprise gifts for all 3 winning team members (Principal, Teacher and students): “L’Occitane” product baskets, “Les Petits Artistes” Art classes, Barnes & Noble gifts…)



1 – Fairlawn Elementary School

2 – W.R. Thomas Middle School

3 – Sunset Elementary School

For any question, please contact the SAM team at

Rules & Dates
  • Rules:


+ The contest is open to Miami Dade children from grades 4 to 8

+ Children have to form a team of 4 to 8 students, create an Art piece (hereafter called Masterpiece) and prepare an inspirational presentation of their project

+ Teams can be composed of students from different grades

+ Children can only participate in 1 team. But schools can register several teams

+ Each team has to present 1 single artistic “Masterpiece” made out of 8 to 16 decorated shoeboxes (of any sizes). Shoeboxes can be found at any shoe stores or on demand at

+ Each child should decorate and initial a minimum of 2 shoebox sides to identify his creative artwork

+ Children are encouraged to collaborate in the creation of the “Masterpiece” to ensure continuity between each shoebox sides

+ Children are also encouraged to be creative in using various materials, styles, techniques to decorate and to assemble the shoeboxes together

+ The “Masterpiece” created by the team must be presented as a unified (1 piece) and transportable piece, expressing the team’s vision of a child-friendly world

+ All “Masterpieces” will be presented online, on SAM’s website:

+ The 3 best “Masterpieces” will be awarded by a jury. All results will be published online at: 

+  The 3 winning “Masterpieces” will be displayed at the SAM exhibition. All “Masterpieces” must be stored carefully and remain movable in case they get awarded


  • Dates & Deadlines:


+ Project submission date: up to Nov. 18th 2016

+ School Art Contest award date: communicated on Nov. 28th 2016

+ Award ceremony: SAM opening ceremony (Feb 10th at 7pm)

+ Winning “Masterpieces” displayed during the SAM exhibition: from Feb. 10th to Feb. 20th

Jury & Evaluation Criteria


  • Kailash Satyarthi Children Foundation
  • Street Art for Mankind
  • Miami Street Artists : Trek6 and Magda Love
  • Miami Dade Public Schools Superintendent office: Ms Izquierdo.


Evaluation Criteria:

  • All submission forms sent by Nov. 18th – qualifier
  • Projects respecting the child-friendly world theme and the rules above – qualifier
  • Project presentation: Inspiration for others (graded 1 to 5) and Creativity (graded 1 to 5)
  • Masterpiece (Shoebox Art piece): Aesthetics (graded 1 to 5) and Creativity (graded 1 to 5)
  • Message to the world, “Inspiring a child-friendly world”: Comprehension of the message through the masterpiece (graded 1 to 5) and impact of the message through the masterpiece (graded 1 to 5)


Winners will be the teams with the maximum of points earned (maximum grade: 30).

In case of tied final scores, teams will be separated on project complexity and earliest date of complete submission.



  • Tips to energize your project

    Artistic Performance:

    – To maximize your points in creativity, get inspired by the surrealist “exquisite corpse” technique here

    – Work on the shape and assembly of the 16 boxes to give it a unique and meaningful shape

    – Associate different materials, tools and techniques without losing track of the overall message



    Ideas of materials that could be used: (16) shoeboxes, scissors, glue, tape, paint, color, pencils, markers, paper, glitter…



    Try and make a quick video to show people the making-off of your Masterpiece and show your team in action. Make it a fun and lively team project!


    Information on Child Labor:

    – Summary about child labor to children: pdf available to download in the table above

    – International Labor organization (ILO) textbook for university students, access here

    – ILO game “OK, not OK”, access here (download the pdf attached also from the table above)

    – Teacher resources from UNICEF, access here


VIP Pass & Opening/Closing Invite

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