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From the blog of Audrey Decker, SAM co-founder
Street Art for Mankind, it all started with an idea…

This is my first blog article on SAM! Of course it feels special to create a first article. What should I start with? I decided to start with the genesis of SAM. How this all started. How we came out with the idea to create a serie of Street Art exhibition on containers to fight child slavery.

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To make it short, I could simply answer by giving some background on the 3 co-founders,

Thibault, Eric and myself, Audrey. Thibault has headed a modular building company (modular buildings) sponsoring art events, Eric is heading a cultural event agency in Paris and Thibault and I have been heading a communication agency in Miami for several years. We all have in common a passion and an involvement in Street Art. But I guess it does not explain everything. It does not explain how, what started like a nice idea, became today an unstoppable passion.

SAM Project at the Grand Palais

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It all started in 2008 in France, in Paris. At that time, SAM was in fact “Street Art Modules”

Thibault and Eric were working together on two great projects involving street artists and modular buildings. The first idea was to create a live residency space made of glass walls where artists could create on the spot in the streets in front of the public. The second idea was to have street artists create on the walls of modular buildings that would then take part in a great exhibition run at the prestigious Grand Palais museum in Paris. Unfortunately, the 2 projects could not see daylight as Thibault took another assignment in the US.

The Encounter with the Child labor cause and Kailash Sayarthi

In 2009, we moved to Miami with Thibault. We always had in mind to revive SAM. Miami had become a key destination for Street Art, the cultural scene was booming, and we were still passionate about Street Art. SAM had a place here… but there was something missing. It was lacking a purpose,… something bigger, that made sense to this unique creative performance. Art, yes, but for Social Change!

I met with Kailash’s team through friends in Miami early 2015. As we were learning more about Kailash’s work, his fight and terribly huge number of children still in slavery today, Thibault and I started to get more involved.

We then realized that though most of the people knew child labor was existing, they were all convinced this was happening on the other side of the earth, far away… Very few really understood that the problem was way more spread out than it seemed, including in America,.. with very little corporate engagement.

We had to take it in our hands to open the eyes with our universal language, Art and initiate change in the mentalities. And with SAM, it all started making perfect sense.

“Street artists fighting for the children of the streets!”

The birth of Street Art for Mankind

We discussed with Eric, our curator and artists. The enthusiasm was general. We decided that the masterpiece created by the artists would be sold in auction to the profit of the foundation of Kailash Saryarthi. On top of celebrating street art, we would celebrate human kind. Street Art for Mankind was born. In October 2015, we created Street Art Mankind Corp as a non-profit organization.

An idea that turned into a a passion


Since then, we have been building stone after stone Street Art for Mankind and are preparing one of the most exciting Street Art exhibition ever in Miami.

What was to be a great idea has become a reality and above all a passion… We are driven everyday by an incredible energy. And we are pushing hard to make a difference for all of these children. Seeing the energy and smiles of all of these kids rescued, gives us an incredible inspiration. We now fight with the same will and smile. So happy to be making our share to build a child friendly world!

 This blog will be as much as I can a space for exchange. So feel free to let me know if there are questions you would like to see answered on that page. Together let’s share art, let’s save children!



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