Cristian Blanxer

  • Cristian Blanxer is a Spanish artist from Barcelona.

  • Technique:

    Christian’s versatile spirit, spontaneous brush stroke and intense color perception are reflected in all his works. The impressionist light and the poetical beat of the expressive stain define Blanxer’s creative rut. Most of his works reproduce human actions, from ordinary to more surrealistic situations. Nevertheless, he seems to be as impartial as possible leaving the emotions arise freely. Therefore, in the middle of his learning process, Blanxer shows us a constantly evolving work.

  • Exposure:

    Christian’s work can be seen all around the world. He was also part of the Street Art for Mankind’s #FreeChildren campaign that kicked off the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour in 2021.

    Photos: Cristian Blanxer


Cristian Blanxer

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