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UN-Ji Exhibition
UN-Ji Street Art exhibition.
This interactive and polysensorial exhibition will immerse visitors in a “Street Art Jungle” where they will have to find their path to become a change maker. Through their journey, they will discover 30 street art paintings made by 17 prominent street artists from all around the world, and unlock clues using their senses.
Street Artists featured: Ador, Binho Ribeiro, Bruno Smoky, Btoy, Hyuro, Iljin, Jo Di Bona, Kinmx, Leza One, LEO, Loic Ercolessi, Mr. Cenz, Mr. Thoms, MTO, PHD, Remote, Shalak Attack, Victor Ash and Waleska Nomura.
In partnership with: Permanent Mission of France to the UN, Permanent Missions of Argentina to the UN, Permanent Mission of Canada to the UN, Permanent Mission of United Kingdom to the UN, Permanent Mission of Brazil, the International Labor Organization and UNICEF.
Thanks to the support of: Scelles Foundation, Delta, Air France, BNP Paribas, Chnge, Society of Scent, PTC, Bon Appetit Management Company, and Ulula.
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