The Harbor

A village oriented towards the shoreline

Mural by Bruno Smoky

Mamaroneck harbor has historically been the center of our community and continues to be how residents orient their lives. Our border is formed by six miles of Long Island Sound coastline dotted with homes, beach clubs and 44 acre Harbor Island Park.

Harbor island was originally called Quohog Island and was only 4 acres in size. Despite the size, the harbor served our community for commercial boating and fishing since our founding. After being purchased by the village in 1907, rocks and dirt excavated for the New York City subways were used to expand the island. The Village dredged the channels and in the 1930's local WPA workers built the Harbor Island Beach, bathing pavilion and the east and west basin walls.

In coves and marinas surrounding harbor island numerous beach clubs emerged, each with stunning vistas and unique architecture. Clubs such as Sheldrake Yacht Club, Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht and Orienta Beach Club attracted families and lovers of boating and sailing.

Many boat yards emerged to service the motor and sail boats anchored in the harbor. R.G. Brewer opened a hardware store and lumber yard in 1879 on Boston Post Road. Wisely, the family moved into marine hardware and were known for their phenomenal inventory. They purchased the Post Road Boat yard which has serviced many a local sailor over the years.

Their neighbor on Boston Post Road is Derektor Shipyards founded in 1947. Founder Bob was determined to build boats equal to any in the world. Derektors has built America's Cup winners, private yachts and Coast Guard Cutters right in our harbor.

Boats large and small make Mamaroneck Harbor their home. For many the goal is to fish out on Long Island Sound. Locals know the hotspots for flounder, bluefish, black sea bass, weakfish and striped bass.

Village residents are oriented towards our shoreline. Whether walking down Mamaroneck Avenue out to the park or arriving by boat, our link with the waterfront is longstanding. Today we work to preserve the beauty of the park through the Harbor Island Conservancy and to educate citizens about marine life through the Marine Education Center.

To learn more: Harbor Island Conservancy LMCTV Marina Life Boat International Marine Education Center

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