• Aches is a Dublin-based Irish artist, specializing in large scale murals and Graffiti.

  • Technique:

    After graduating from NCAD with a degree in Visual Communications, Aches began to fuse his knowledge of Graphic Design and Graffiti. He focuses on subtractive (CMYK) and additive (RGB) color theories, as these colors react when they overlap by either getting darker (subtractive) or brighter (additive). This technic led him to develop his unique and magnetic signature style made of superposition of colors and frames, that is now recognized globally.

  • Exposure:

    Aches has been invited to design and create original artworks for projects around the world, in countries such as Denmark, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Scotland, Austria, Switzerland, England, South Africa, New Zealand and USA. After a decade of painting outdoors, Aches’ artistic practice is now shared in equal balance between contemporary murals and studio work.

    Photos: Aches and Street Art for Mankind (banner)

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