Behind The Wall

now with selfie art

Welcome “Behind The Wall”, a place for you to be inspired and to break to walls of injustice!

Behind The Wall® is our free proprietary app that works like an audio guide AND a tool for action. The city becomes an outdoor museum, and you become part of the positive change that we want to see in the world.

With the app you can locate other murals around you, listen to artists speak about their piece, experts about the issue, and now make creative statements anytime. The app works with murals in the streets and their pictures on line or on prints.

Now with Selfie Art! Our new “Selfie-Art” functionality, made possible thanks to the support of Banuba, enables you to make creative and activist statements. Add a face mask created by street artists like Dragon76, put your favorite mural in the background, add a music by Rocky Peter or Emma G, or record your own video, and share your thoughts on your favorite social media!

in four easy steps:

  1. Download the app “Behind the Wall” to your phone by scanning QR codes below
  2. Scan the mural on the left side with the app
  3. Listen to the artist and experts speak about the topic
  4. Share your creative thoughts and Take action

Welcome Behind the Wall®Your street-art audio and platform to engage with the art in the streets. Powered by street Art for Mankind. This is about turning the street into an outdoor Museum for all. This is about Art with an impact!

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