About SAM

SAM – The exhibition

A world-first street art movement to fight child slavery

SAM (Street Art for Mankind) is a 5-year Art movement featuring 35 of the most famous street artists on a mission to help stop child slavery.

The first edition of SAM will take place in Miami, February 10-20th 2017. It will feature:

  • A unique artistic masterpiece made out of 16 containers,
  • 12,000 sq. feet of murals as a gigantic tribute to the children of the world,
  • A very fun exhibition where you will see, but also touch, hear and even smell things,
  • Creating your own street art piece using the same techniques as the artists,
  • Learning from Art gurus about the graffiti world (technique, artists…).

The next editions of SAM will occur in Paris, Sao Paulo, Dubai and Seoul. 5 years, 5 continents, 5 exhibitions.


SAM – The performance A one-of-a-kind Art maserpiece to unite and inspire

More than 30 talented and well-known graffiti artists will be gathered in a single location to work collaboratively. They will create an unprecedented spontaneous masterpiece. They will build a 12,000 square feet “exquisite corpse” made out of 16 containers, reviving the surrealist technique of the 1930’s. Artists work side by side not knowing and seeing what the other artists are creating…

This united performance of Art will educate, inspire, and ultimately be auctioned to raise money for the fight against child slavery.


SAM – The organization & the peopleBuilding together a child friendly world

Street Art Mankind Corp is a tax-exempt nonprofit public charity  – 501 (c) (3) status – that promotes Art for Social Change

Street Art for Mankind is the story of passionate people who strongly believe in Art for Social Change. The creators, parents in their forties and typical « products » of the  corporate world have decided to bring more meaning to their action, and to turn their passion for art into a movement to fight one of the worst injustice of our time: child slavery. Yet nothing would be possible without the volunteers and all the people who support their action.

SAM is also the pledge of 30+ prominent and generous street artists who have decided to engage their Art from the streets, to raise awareness on the issues of the children of the street!

Finally, SAM is about helping an extraordinary and tireless activist, Kailash Satyarthi, in his mission to fighting for the rights and freedom of our children. Through SAM, we will be raising funds for his Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation (KSCF).

  • The Team

    We believe in Art for Social change.

    #SamAngels – Doing our share for a child friendly world.

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