AquarelaAmerican Street Artist

AQUARELA is a Miami-based fine artist, street art muralist and overall visual creator. She attended Columbia College Chicago for fine arts, however she is primarily a self taught artist. Her preferred medium is oils combined with non-traditional fine art mediums such as spray paint, rust, reclaimed wood and found objects. Beginning in 2013, she started to paint street art murals which ignited her passion for spray paint as an art medium and allowed her to express her work on large scale walls. Aquarela’s favorite subject matter generally focuses on portraiture and the feminine form combined with elements of popular culture, organic textures and textile based patterns.

  • Live painting mural
    SAM at the Sagamore, Art Basel Miami 2016
  • Fianna - Spray Paint & Acrylics on Birch Wood Panel - 42''x42''
    SAM at the Sagamore, Art Basel Miami 2016
  • Interview
    SAM at the Sagamore, Art Basel Miami 2016
  • Quack Slap
  • Wynwood mural
  • CarolCity mural
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