Shalak AttackCanadian-Chilean Street Artist

“Shalak Attack” is a Canadian-Chilean visual artist dedicated to painting, muralism, spray paint urban art, and canvas art. For over a decade, she has manifested her artistic expression on walls across the world. She is a co-founder and co-director of the international art collectives “Essencia”, the “Bruxas”, and the ““Clandestinos”.

In Shalak’s artistic practice, she fuses the spirit and the aesthetics of traditional South Amercan muralism with contemporary graffiti and street art. Shalak’s distinctive multi-layered and signature use of colour are emblematic of her unique style that inhabits the realm of psychedelic magical realism.

Shalak has participated in numerous artistic projects and exhibitions in Canada, Chile, Brazil, UK, Sweden, Senegal, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Belgium, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, USA, Paraguay, and the Dominican Republic.

BYY ART, SAVE CHILDREN: Discover Shalaks’s paintings available for sale. Proceeds support the fight against child trafficking.

Photos SAM Miami festival by Loic Ercolessi. Photo SAM UN Exhibition by PhotoNoggin.  Photo “Live Painting” at the FIAF  by Karin du Maire for Streetartnyc. Other photos @Shalak Attack.

  • Ishmael - Spray paint on canvas - 29''x39'' - FOR SALE
    SAM UN Exhibition, NYC 2017
  • Wonders of the world - Spray paint - 37.6'x 7.17' - FOR SALE
    SAM Miami Festival 2017
  • Wonders of the world (detail) - Spray paint on canvas
    SAM Miami Festival 2017
  • Lady - Spray paint on canvas - 40''x40'' - FOR SALE
    SAM Miami Festival 2017
  • Live Painting - Spray paint on canvas - 36''x56''
    SAM at the FIAF, NYC 2017
  • Live Painting Canada 150 - Spray paint on canvas - 56''x36''
    SAM for Canada 150, Miami 2017
  • Garden Queen - Spray paint on canvas - 8'x10' - FOR SALE
    SAM at the Sagamore, Art Basel Miami 2016
  • Klodi - Spray paint on canvas - 7'x11' - FOR SALE
    SAM UN Exhibition, NYC 2017
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