• MTO is a French street artist, who lives “Nowhere, Planet Earth”.

  • Technique:

    MTO is renown for the high quality of his portraits. His art is part-time surrealistic, part-time realistic but always conceptual, site-specific and socially engaged. His work is mostly split in two directions: the site-specific muralism and the conceptual experimentation that he calls the “Tagtical Media series”.

  • Exposure:

    MTO, whose identity is hidden, has become a very respected artist in the global Graffiti and Street art scene. His impressive photo-realistic murals can be seen in Berlin, his original “playground”, but also all around the world: France, Portugal, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, North Ireland, Malta and many places in the USA.

    Photos: MTO and Loic Ercolessi


Live at the FIAF, NYC

Alwaysmind I SAM Miami Festival

Alwaysmind (detail) I SAM Miami Festival


Boys don't cry I SAM Miami Festival

Why I SAM Miami Festival

No to slavery I SAM Miami Festival


Qui a le droit I SAM Miami Festival

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