Romain Froquet

  • Romain Froquet is a French self-taught artist who lives in Corrèze, France.

  • Technique:

    The talent of Romain Froquet expresses itself through his practice, based on the repetition of line and completed with the development of his own pictorial language. He draws on tribal art and the urban world as inspiration. His protean art opens the door to all manner of experimentation; he explores numerous media, drawing with Chinese ink on paper, working with material and color on canvas in the workshop, and exploring depth of movement when working in situ.

  • Exposure:

    The work of Romain can be seen around the world, in Europe in cities like Paris, Marseille or Madrid, in the United States in Miami or Houston, in Hong Kong and in Moscow.

    Photos: Romain Froquet and Street Art for Mankind (banner)


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