Shamsia Hassani

  • Shamsia Hassani is a graffiti artist from Afghanistan.

  • Technique:

    Shamsia is a committed artist representing, through her work, different aspects of humanity. She is on a mission to portray a different face of Afghanistan and to pay tribute to women who have more restrictions than men in the Afghan society. Turning her emotions into art, Shamsia showcases political and social messages inspired by her life, Afghanistan and the situation of the world.

  • Exposure:

    Shamsia has held exhibitions and created murals in North America, Asia, and Europe. Her work was featured during primetime in France and compared to Frida Kahlo. In the USA, her murals can be found in California (Los Angeles and Sacramento), New York, Massachusetts, Oregon, and now Texas through her collaboration with Street Art for Mankind.

    Photos: Shamsia Hassani and Street Art for Mankind (banner)


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