Alex Arzu

  • Alex “Zú” Arzú is an American artist based in Houston.

  • Technique:

    Alex studied architecture at the University of Houston. His work is very much inspired by his Afro-Honduran background. Zú is also a versatile artist and expert in visual art, digital art, body art, and structural art.

  • Exposure:

    Alex was recognized by General Rigby and Congressman J.C Watts of Oklahoma as a gifted and talented artist in 1996. Zú was the youngest person to study under renown sculptor Luis Jiménez (1940-2006) and inspired gifted and talented programs available for young gifted visual student artists in 3 different school districts. Zú was also the youngest to be accepted to the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain, a prestigious arts academy held in June in southwest Oklahoma in 1997 held at the University of Oklahoma.

    Photos: Alex Arzu

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