Dan KitchenerBritish artist

Dan Kitchener or DANK is a British artist based in London

Technique: Dan’s technique of Freehand spray paint, all by eye, never using grids, stencils, guides or projectors has meant his skills are sharp and varied and distinctive. He believes in keeping the creative process of mural making to the artist alone, taking all his own reference shots on his travels and creating every aspect of his murals alone without assistants or teams.

Exposure:  Dan has had a long and varied creative career, having worked with major stars such as Kylie, Miley Cyrus, Sue Paul Mcartney, Lenny kravitz to name a few. He has worked his way round the world to become one of the leading figures in the street art world. With his instantly recognized style, he has painted huge murals globally including Tokyo, Hong Kong, USA, Russia all over Europe and the UK.

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