Jo di Bona

Jo di Bona

  • Jo Di Bona  is a French street artist, who lives in Paris.

  • Technique:

    Jo owes his success to his specific technique of pop graffiti. His work associates collages, diverse graffiti influences and the pop culture he is deeply immersed in. Fauvist of the modern times, Jo mixes colors and movements to create faces and landscapes filled with poetry, emotions and joie de vivre.

  • Exposure:

    Rewarded in 2014 with the prestigious “1st Prize of Graffiti” from the EDF Foundation, Jo has since produced many international exhibits, performances and murals. Praised by the media, Jo has, among other things, been presented at the French News on channel France 2 for his Wall of Love, and was published in the New York Times for his mural created in tribute to the “Petit Cambodge”.

    Photos:  Jo di Bona and Loic Ercolessi


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