Loic ErcolessiFrench Artist

Loic Ercolessi is a French street artist who lives in Miami, United States.

Technique: With is Neo Pop Art Style and mixed media ( spray can, brush, urban markers, collage and more) Loic’s art traces the lines of his interrogations and his emotions, seeking to provoke reactions in the spectators, sometimes by breaking the chains of taboos in order to shake the conditioning in which the human being is enclosed.

Exposure: His inspiring portraits can be seen in galleries and art fairs all around the United States. He has been featured several time during Art Basel in Miami.

BUY ART, SAVE CHILDREN: Discover Loic’s paintings available for sale. Proceeds support the fight against child trafficking.

Gallery: Photos by Loic Ercolessi and Alena Graff.  Artworks: Photos by Loic Ercolessi

  • Loic Ercolessi and Jo di Bona - Mixed media on canvas - 40''x40'' - SOLD
    SAM Miami Festival 2017
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