Shalak Attack

Shalak Attack

  • Shalak Attack is a Canadian-Chilean visual artist dedicated to painting and muralism. She performs alone and as a duo with her husband, Bruno Smoky, as part of the Clandestinos.

  • Technique:

    In Shalak’s artistic practice, she fuses the spirit and the aesthetics of traditional South American muralism with contemporary graffiti and street art. Shalak’s distinctive multi-layered and signature use of color are emblematic of her unique style that inhabits the realm of psychedelic magical realism.

  • Exposure:

    Shalak Attack has participated in numerous artistic projects and exhibitions in Canada, Chile, Brazil, UK, Sweden, Senegal, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Belgium, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, USA, Paraguay, and the Dominican Republic.


Klodi I UN AtThisAge Exhibition

Garden Queen at the Sagamore I SAM @ArtBasel

Wonders of the World I SAM Miami Festival

Wonders of the World (detail) I SAM Miami Festival

Ishmael I UN AtThisAge Exhibition

Future of Work I #ILO100Murals

Lady Miami I SAM Miami Festival

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