Art for Social Change

Street Art for Mankind (SAM) curates and produces spectacular murals across the world with the help of prominent international artists. Themes illustrated but also styles can be very diverse. Yet, SAM murals all have in common the emphasize on values and humanity.

SAM collaborates with the United Nations to create globally inspiring murals highlighting the SDG’s and has produced the tallest mural of Manhattan, by the Chrysler Building, to celebrate the centenary of the ILO, their labour agency. In 2019, three of SAM’s mural were awarded “most impactful in the world” by Graffiti Street and Brooklyn Street Art. In 2020, SAM received the “Best of Westchester” Award.

SAM has the experience to adapt to various types of walls (concrete, brick…), locations (outdoor, indoor, underpasses, land-art…) and accessibility. SAM offers turnkey services that includes insurance, permitting, management of rights… and even experiential tools.

Cities self-guided tours

Creating Art Walks in the heart of cities

Mixing technology with art, Street Art for Mankind (SAM) creates unique interactive experiences that link murals into spectacular art walks. Every mural series from SAM is curated and built to create an outdoor art walk that brings together the general public, prominent artists, dignitaries, influencers …

To get a taste of the experience you can browse SAM’s murals here, using its free app “Behind the Wall”. The app works like an audio-guide enhanced by augmented reality. It will give you access to the stories behind each mural.

Discover the NYC Freedom Art Walk, the ILO Centennial Art Walk or our latest Community Art Walk. If you missed an official art walk, ask SAM for another guided tour below.


Edgy Experiences with a purpose

Street Art for Mankind (SAM) creates meaningful and edgy exhibitions that all strive to deliver unique experiences. SAM mixes technology and Art to trigger polysensorial markers, and immerse the visitors in its themes.

SAM has created: unprecedented street art installation and festival in Miami (Wynwood area) – rewarded by a proclamation from the City’s Mayor – featuring 12,000 square feet of murals in a three dimensional space; the first street art and polysensorial exhibitions at the United Nations to address the issues of child trafficking; the first NYC Mayor’s office ENGBV interactive street art exhibition to raise awareness against child trafficking.


Street Art in all Shapes and Places

Street Art for Mankind (SAM) curates unique live street performances that create incredible artsy connections with the public during festivals, forums, fundraisings or corporate events.

SAM brings to life “solo” and “collaboration” street art performances on various type of background: walls, canvases, fences… SAM is able to propose spray paint workshops for all kind of levels, creative “CSR expert” panels, themed movie premieres, and many more experiential performances.

SAM has also experience at curating complex multi-disciplinary art performances, mixing for instance various forms of street art like painting, dancing, free-running, singing.


Inspiring Children through Art

Street Art for Mankind (SAM) works with schools and children of all ages to raise awareness, and inspire through Art. SAM is BOCES certified in Westchester County, NY.

SAM organizes: large turnkey school Art contest – like the “School Art for Mankind contest” that gathered 800 students of Miami Dade Schools; inspiring “school murals” involving the participation of children to the creation of prominent artists – like the mural created in Pelham, NY; spray paint workshops for children to foster their creativity, inspire them and create unique “team” memories.

SAM also offers curated educative awareness workshops on the prevention of child trafficking for American and French students.


Awareness Campaigns

Street Art for Mankind (SAM) creates unique awareness campaigns that aim to educate the general public, and trigger immediate action on child labour and trafficking.

Examples of past awareness campaigns:

The #AtThisAge campaign brought together key opinion leaders and artists across the world to raise awareness on child labour. Participants could upload their picture as a child, support a child and answer: And you, what did you do “AtThisAge”?

The #FreeChildren campaign brought the conversation to the streets of New York, engaging people to interact with artists, dignitaries and key influencers to be the actors of change, and have an immediate impact as citizens, employees or individuals.

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