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The Remembrance murals, created by artist Victor Ash and curated by Street Art for Mankind in Houston, overlook Congress Plaza, which is surrounded by Harris County justice institutions such as the criminal courthouse, the civil courthouse, the family law center, and the jury plaza.
These murals are inspired by Harris County’s Remembrance Park, which aims to create a space of recognition and discourse around the historical arc of racial terror and the continuing existence of systemic injustice in this country.
The north wall, on the Buffalo Bayou side, is inspired by a photo of the trailblazing Texas legislator Senfronia Thompson. It features a hypnotic set of multicolored eyes that see through the scales of justice and demand “Justice for All”! The northwest mural, overlooking Main Street, features a Black “Lady Justice” with a scarf over her eyes. She stands strong in front of us bearing a sword in her right hand and the scales of justice in her left, ready to render fair and true justice. She fights for the rights of all people.

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