Large Exterior Murals Unveiled in Seattle in Celebration of World Environment Day

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Urban Ecosystem

Mural by Victor Ash

Ocean Ecosystem

Mural by Adry Del Rocio

World Environment Day

Ecosystem Restoration Murals

In recognition of Seattle as the North American Host City for the United Nations flagship day for the environment, two murals reflect the urgent need to restore our damaged ecosystems.

Two of the largest pieces of artwork in North America now grace a revitalized Seattle waterfront in celebration of World Environment Day and the designation of the City of Seattle selected as a Generation Restoration “Role Model City” by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The murals, curated by the non-profit, Street Art for Mankind (SAM) focus on two major aspects of ecosystem restoration:

The Urban Ecosystem Restoration mural created by Victor Ash, is the largest downtown mural in North America. It is a pledge to restore nature in urban settings and calls for tree equity. Visible from the iconic Pike Place market, it showcases three magnificent species – the osprey (Seahawk), sea otter, and harbor seal – which are all local to the area and have bounced back in number thanks to ecosystem restoration. This triptych mural is 775ft wide x 55ft high, corresponding to a 77-story high building laid on its side! Signed Print here.

The Ocean Ecosystem Restoration mural by artist, Adry del Rocio, is a vibrant 3D immersive mural, where animals seem to be coming alive out of the wall. It celebrates Seattle’s unique link with the sea and the need to strengthen the connection between coastal cities and oceans. Coastal regions are home to 40% of the global population, and 12 out of the world’s 15 largest cities are located by the sea. The murals depicts a child carried by a shoal of herring and salmons as he is hugging a humpback whale and petting an orca. He represents humankind to remind us of the essential role that we play in the care and protection of our oceans and endangered species. Signed Print here.

The Urban Ecosystem Restoration mural is made possible thanks to the support of Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, a Diageo company which is a member of the UN Global Compact. The Ocean Ecosystem Restoration mural is made possible thanks to the support of Elliott Pointe Apartments. Thanking also the City of Seattle for their logistics support.

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Ecosystem Restoration Murals


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