Digital Citizens

Vinie Graffiti
Signed Print (limited edition)
18 in H x 24 in W

Digital Citizens


Signed Fine Art Print featuring the “Digital Citizens” mural created by Vinie in Houston, Texas.

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Signed Fine Art Print featuring the "Digital Citizens" mural created by Vinie in Houston, Texas. The mural is part of the #BigArtBiggerChange murals curated and produced by Street Art for Mankind in Downtown Houston. It raises awareness of Cyberbullying and highlights the importance of safe and violence-free environments for children (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 16). Scan the visual with the app "Behind The Wall" to learn about the story and hear the artist creative process. Address: 1213 Prairie St, Houston

Print Medium: River Stone Satin Rag Fine Art Paper 365 gsm. Museum Grade • OBA free • 100% cotton fiber • Certified 100+ years archival.
Signature: Hand-signed by the artist and numbered in the back, on a certificate of authenticity.
Photographer: Loic Ercolessi
Limited Edition: Authentic and strictly limited edition of 50 prints. Work sold with a certificate of authenticity. Exclusivity Street Art for Mankind.

Suggested Signed Print (limited edition)

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