Social Equity

Case Maclaim
Signed Print (limited edition)
18 in H x 24 in W

Social Equity


Signed Fine Art Print featuring the “Social Equity” mural created by Case Maclaim in Houston, Texas.

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Signed Fine Art Print featuring the "Social Equity" mural created by Case Maclaim in Houston, Texas. The mural is part of the #BigArtBiggerChange murals curated and produced by Street Art for Mankind in Downtown Houston. It highlights what can be achieved when a citizen’s race, ethnicity, disability, gender identity, and/or sexual orientation do not predict their outcomes or limit their choices. It is inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 10 (Reduced Inequalities). Scan the visual with the app "Behind The Wall" to learn about the story and hear the artist creative process. Address: Crossing of Main and Prairie St, Houston

Print Medium: River Stone Satin Rag Fine Art Paper 365 gsm. Museum Grade • OBA free • 100% cotton fiber • Certified 100+ years archival.
Signature: Hand-signed by the artist and numbered in the back, on a certificate of authenticity.
Photographer: Superkant
Limited Edition: Authentic and strictly limited edition of 50 prints. Work sold with a certificate of authenticity. Exclusivity Street Art for Mankind.

Suggested Signed Print (limited edition)

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