Jo Di Bona
Signed Prints (limited edition)
23.6 in H x 35.4 in W



Signed Fine Art Print featuring the “Henriette” mural created by Jo Di Bona in Manhattan, NY. Photo by Jo Di Bona.

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Signed Fine Art Print featuring the "Henriette" mural created by Jo Di Bona in Manhattan, NY. Photo by Jo Di Bona. The "Henriette" mural pays tribute to Henriette, survivor of domestic slavery, who was trafficked at 14 in France. It is part of the #FreedomMurals curated by Street Art for Mankind in the Financial District of Manhattan. This Art Walk which was inaugurated in partnership with the United Nations missions, the ILO and New York City Agencies, immerses the visitor into the reality of survivors from child labor and trafficking. Scan the visual with the app "Behind The Wall" to learn about the story, hear the artist creative process and take action.
Medium Canson infinity Rag Photographique 310 gsm. 100% cotton museum grade white fine art paper.
Signature Hand-signed by artist
Limited Edition Authentic and strictly limited edition of 50 prints. Work sold with a certificate of authenticity.
Option - Mounting on Dibond Art galeries favorite media. The print is mounted on a 1/8" thick dibond. Dibond is acid-free and fully archival. Custom-made in the US. Ready to hang.
Option - Floater Frame (no glass) Available in Black, White, Wenge and Oak. Adopted by major museums., impression that the photo floats unattached to its frame. Print size increased by 1.15 inches in H and W with frame. Optimum print conservation. Custom-made in the US. Ready to hang.
Impact Your purchase helps fund awareness campaigns against child trafficking, as well as raid and rescue programs. learn more.

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